About Colourful Continents

Colourful Continents is a travel blog aimed at inspiring those who desire to go on an adventure. For us traveling is about meeting new people, exploring different ways of looking at the world, and marvelling at the beauty of it all.

By providing you with rich and in-depth travel guides, stories, and photography we try to motivate you to experience as much as possible from all that this magnificent and colourful world has to offer. Everything on this blog is based on first-hand experience and written down by us, Iris and Nilo.

Our base is Amsterdam, the Netherlands; the city where both of us grew up and where we first met each other 10 years ago. During and in between our studies, we saved all our money and travelled across the world to at least twenty five countries. Colourful Continents is only created in 2019, from our kitchen table at the window overlooking our hometown Amsterdam. 

Nilo Daniel


Hi, I’m Nilo! The most striking image I have of myself is as a little 5 year old, sitting at the bar of the beach pavilion where my parents used to go very often, spending hours talking with everyone that came along. I think going to this Dutch island Texel, sometimes for six weeks at a time is where both my adventurous spirit and interest in other people was born. Want to know more about Nilo?

Iris Rosendaal


Hi, I’m Iris! If I would have to describe myself I would say that I am a disciplined dreamer; I love to create great future plans and then actually execute them as well. I love art, culture, politics, nature and I have studied art history, gender studies, philosophy and sociology. Like to learn more about Iris?