Indonesia, the world largest archipelago. With over 17,000 islands of which only 8000 are inhabited, this country makes a great visit for those loving adventure and sea culture.

Stretching for 5000km across the equator, Indonesia is the world's fourth most populated country (267 million at the time of writing). Due to its unique geography Indonesia is incredibly diverse: across the country 700 languages are spoken. It is not for nothing that Indonesia's motto is 'Unity in Diversity' ('Bhinneka Tunggal' in Old Javanese).

Though it can be difficult to distill this diverse country in a comprehensible guide, we attempt to do so by providing you with our experiences. Our favourite destinations thusfar are:

  1. Togean Islands (Sulawesi)
  2. Pangandaran (Java)
  3. Tana Toraja (Sulawesi)
  4. Northern Bali
When to go

There is always a good time to go to Indonesia. Indonesia's cultural diversity also reflects it climate, when there is a monsoon in the west of the country, there is a dry season in the east and vice versa.

High season (July & August)

Dry season except for Maluku and Papua. Tourist numbers and room rates peek.

Shoulder season (May, June & September)

Dry season except for Maluku and Papua. Best weather in Java, Bali, and Lombok. Less busy than in high season which makes for a more spontanuous travel.

Low season (October - April)

Wet season in Java, Bali and Lombok. Dry season in Maluku and Papua.

Tana Toraja
Geographics of Indonesia
  • Population266 million
  • Area1,904,569 km2
  • Population density137/km2
  • Number of Islandsapprox. 17,000


  • 87.2% Islam
  • 9.9% Christianity
  • 1.7% Hinduism
  • 0.7% Buddhism
  • 0.2% Confucianism and others


As mentioned before, over 700 languages are spoken across Indonesia. The majority of the population speak the official language of Indonesia, which is Bahasa Indonesia. As Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, this is one of the mostly spoken languages in the world. The nice thing about this language is that it is quite easy to learn, something we tried and can recommend to all of you! You will receive many smiles from the locals when you try to order in Bahasa Indonesia.


At the time of writing the following currency hold:

1 euro = 17123,19 Indonesian Rupiah.

Check this Currency Converter app to stay up to date of the valutas during your trip!

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